You’re The One I Love   Leave a comment

Sometimes its hard to notice all the things you do for me,
It feels like I ignore you, or tell you to leave me.
It’s really hard to let my feeling show,
But there is something I need you to know.

You’re the lighthouse there to guide me when I’m lost out at sea.
You’re the one who keeps me going when I’ve thrown away the keys.
You’re the one who keeps me fighting when I feel like giving up.
You’re the rock that holds me steady, you’re the one I love.

So when I’m feeling lonely, like the world has let me down.
I’ll close my eyes and remember that I’ve got you around.
I’ll try so hard to let my feelings show,
and make sure that you always know.


So when you’re feeling lonely, like the world has got you down.
Just close your eyes and remember, all the love you have around.
Then I’ll hold you close and never let you go.
I’ll look into your eyes and make sure you always know.

Chorus X2

Copyright Shaman Romney 2012

Posted 02/25/2014 by Shay in My Lyrics

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