Thoughts Go Back (To You)   Leave a comment

Got up out of bed, thoughts run through my head,
About my dreams the night before.
I look at stars above, and think about my love.
Yes, all my thoughts go back to you.

You said you had to go, I knew you couldn’t stay,
and so you moved so far away.
Ever since that day, I don’t know what to do.
‘Cause all my thoughts go back to you.

It feels like I am going to fall,
so I’ll press my back up against the wall.
There is nothing that I can do
When I still love you.
Maybe one day, I’ll come around;
I’ll get my feet back on the ground.
One day I’ll get back next to you.
Until then, my love will stay true.

You told me to move on, I told you not to cry.
And we will both have to try
To get along in life, without each other there.
But we’ll have the moments we’ve shared.

The memories of our love will never fade away,
And they’ll grow sweeter every day.
But how can I move on; How will I get through,
When all my thoughts go back to you?


Chords: G-D-Em-C Repeat through song

Copyright Shaman Romney 2008

Posted 02/25/2014 by Shay in My Lyrics

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